Zentrex 6215 – The next step in innovation

The new Zentrex 6215 demonstrates the highly stable machine construction you expect from HOLZ-HER. Unique on the market: The high quality linear guide technology installed on all axes.

The absolute highlight on the ZENTREX 6215 is the newly developed 2-stage evacuation management system. Cutting-plan-controlled evacuation flaps in the pressure beam, which open or close depending on the length of the cut, increase the evacuation capacity at the saw blade, ensuring a clean machine table. With scratch cuts, a controlled, moving evacuation hood behind the saw blade catches chips and dust flying away to the rear during the cutting operation. This also ensures a clean support surface for scratch cuts.

For panel sizes, whose length is difficult to differentiate from its width in spite of 3D simulation, the ZENTREX 6215 now offers a laser positioning system with accuracy down to the millimeter. The great advantage: Remeasuring panels or incorrect positioning in the machine is a thing of the past. And the program-controlled, double lateral pressure system is also a standard feature on the ZENTREX 6215.

Highlights at a glance:

  • 21.5“ control panel (optional touchscreen) can be rotated, swiveled and moved on linear guides.
  • Laser-supported display system for error-free part identification during cross-cutting.
  • The program-controlled evacuation management feature offers a moving, intelligent evacuation unit for scoring cuts as well as a part-related evacuation unit.