Beam saws ZENTREX 6220 Series: CNC technology for maximum sawing performance

All HOLZ-HER horizontal panel saws in the ZENTREX 6220 series set new standards in the upper class with enormous dynamic power and use of precision technology such as ground linear guides and controlled servo-drives with CNC technology. On our flag ship, the ZENTREX 6220, all moving axes are equipped with precision, brushless servo-drives for optimum performance. The completely redesigned PLC control offers minimum cycle times in addition to extreme accuracy.

In addition to the mechanical precision, an impressive feature of the new pressure beam saw ZENTREX 6220 is the extensive standard equipment which includes the perfected OPTI-CUT software package and the EASY-PLAN optimization for "quick work". Two versions of the OPTI PLAN software are available as options for optimization in the office.

The ZENTREX 6220 is available in the Power, Lift and Dynamic versions as well as various cutting lengths and cutting widths for custom adaptation to various applications. The mature interface for charging systems and intelligent storage solutions as well as uncomplicated data transfer from conventional branch software or software from other suppliers offers additional assurance of making an investment with a secure future.

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HOLZ-HER ZENTREX 6220 classic

Holzher beam saw/panel saw Zentrex 6220 classic

Perfectly adapted, the strength of the upper middle class

  • Saw Blade Protrusion: 105 mm
  • Sawing Unit: up to 21 kW
  • Cutting Lengths: up to 4,300 mm
  • Cutting Widths: up to 4,250 mm
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Pressure beam saw ZENTREX 6220 performance: extensive equipment and absolute cutting precision

Intelligent, high performance pressure beam saw

  • Saw Blade Protrusion up to 130 mm
  • Sawing Units up to 25 kW
  • Cutting Lengths: up to 5,900 mm
  • Cutting Widths: up to 4,250 mm
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Panel saw/beam saw ZENTREX 6220 lift from HOLZ-HER: complete solution with elevating table for a high throughput mass production

The space-saving lift solution, including elevating table

  • Precision lifting table as standard feature
  • Saw Blade Protrusion up to 130 mm
  • Sawing Units up to 25 kW
  • Cutting Lengths: up to 4,300 mm
  • Cutting Widths: up to 4,200 mm
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HOLZ-HER ZENTREX 6220 dynamic

Pressure beam saw/panel saw HOLZ-HER ZENTREX 6220 dynamic is an ideal configuration for charging the machine using intelligent vacuum charging systems

Completely prepared for dynamic charging

  • Prepared for charging solutions
  • Saw Blade Protrusion up to 130 mm
  • Sawing Units up to 25 kW
  • Cutting Lengths: up to 5,900 mm
  • Cutting Widths: up to 6,250 mm
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HOLZ-HER and Zottler: Styrian Connection

The Zottler Cabinet Making Shop in Styrian, Austria, handles all types of classic construction and furniture making work. Their operations depend on machines from HOLZ-HER for universal applications.

[...] As a master cabinet maker, Zottler builds high quality furnishings for residential dwellings, hotels and restaurants as well as complete furnishings for retirement and nursing homes and student dormitories for customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. “Recently we just completed 250 kitchens as well as the complete room furnishings for student dormitories in Graz’s CoolCity [...] For the team with its 48 employees working like a small industrial mass-production shop in two-shift operation, failure of a machine would be disastrous. During the last 5 years a great deal of time has been spent developing efficient processes and a bundle of money invested in state-of-the-art machines to ensure that these processes run smoothly.

What brought you to HOLZ-HER? Zottler: "After the initial period nearly ten years ago, we were confronted with the decision whether to spend a lot of money to convert the old panel saw or just buy a new one right away. We made a foresighted decision. An existing contact recommended HOLZ-HER. And ever since that time, Zottler has invested regularly in new machines from the plant in Voitsberg, which is only an hour’s drive, “because when it comes to our essential machines, we only want one company to contact, who needs to be in the vicinity and offer true Austrian quality.” And if things ever get really critical, interjected Peter Gadi, Regional Sales Manager at HOLZ-HER and responsible for the projects at Zottler, we send a service technician to Passail immediately to solve the problem.

The extensive machine park from Holz-Her, now in use at the Zottler Cabinet Making Shop, covers all processing steps for mass-produced furniture, thus ensuring continuous work flow: [...]