CNC machines PRO-MASTER 70 series: Professional CNC Technology for Universal Machining

The PRO-MASTER 70 series from HOLZ-HER makes it easier than ever to decide in favor of efficient CNC technology. The 70 series offers rational machining and a high level of flexibility especially for production of case parts. With 180 mm from the top of the suction cups, the 70 series from HOLZ-HER offers the maximum working height in its class.

This well-thought-through concept offers solutions for all applications – choose the right model for your application. State-of-the-art safety concepts give you the choice between patented 3-field foot mats, safety bumpers or light grids. This allows you to match the HOLZ-HER machining centers individually and reliably to your operating situation.

Always included – the CAMPUS control with integrated CabinetControl Base software. Our high quality, user-friendly HOLZ-HER machine control system is an integral part of the machine’s design. The equipment package includes CAMPUS / NC Hops with office and machine license and full-fledged aCADemy CAD software. The integrated CabinetControl Base furniture design software rounds out this premium package.

Your choice – perfectly matched to your requirements as PRO-MASTER 7017 or as PRO-MASTER 7018.

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HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7018 - cnc technique for woodworking - cnc woodworking machines

The all round talent with complete equipment package

  • Standard on Full Equipment Version
  • Powerful Cutting Spindles
  • Extremely Flexible with 3-4 Axes
  • Easy-To-Operate Consoles
  • Precision Direct Drives
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cnc machining wood: overall view of HOLZ-HER PRO-MASTER 7017

Precise formatting and drilling center

  • Compact, High Performance Package
  • Leading From the Start
  • Powerful Cutting Spindles
  • Easy-To-Operate Consoles
  • Precision Direct Drives
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