"Think thank" for tailor-made kitchen with perfect joints

Our reference customer Marten with the edgebanding machine AURIGA 1308XL

The Marten Carpentry Shop in Emden serves as a think tank for its customers. This motto serves to describe the detailed discussions at the beginning of each consulting process. Topics include, for example, the degree of creativity permissible in designing the furniture and how problems can be solved in a spatial situation as well as to what extent the customer’s personal style can be integrated into the finished product. This extensive and qualified consultation at the Marten Cabinetmaking and Kitchen Workshop forms the basis for the company’s satisfied clientèle. This cabinet-making ship focuses on custom kitchens from planning to production of the furniture and furnishings.

Machines at the highest technological level as used to ensure perfect implementation. During the past few years the company’s success has resulted in continuous growth, making the present premises too small. For this reason the carpentry shop moved to a new production and presentation building. The front area contains a modern show room, while the rear area houses the new production facilities with the new AURIGA 1308 XL edgebander from HOLZ-HER, to meet the increasing customer demands for high quality edging and allow quick reaction. The AURIGA replaces its predecessor, a UNO 1302, and features programmed conversion at the touch of a button. In addition to the new AURIGA, a vertical HOLZ-HER panel saw has been in use for some time. With this equipment the Martin Carpentry Shop is perfectly equipped.

HOLZ-HER wishes great success at the new location.