Quality bathroom products even better with quality edgebander

HOLZHER reference customer Timberline in Australia with ACCURA edge banding machine

Timberline Bathroom Products is a country-wide success story. “With a hundred-plus staff we run a substantial operation here in Armidale,” says operations manager Marius Van Der Walt. “Currently we are the second largest bathroom specialist manufacturer in Australia, and confidently expect to be the largest in the country in the not-too-distant future.” Timberline Bathroom Products is a family-owned Australian business manufacturing high quality bathroom products and distributing them across Australia via a network of distributors and bathroom stores. Timberline also does some exporting. […]

Timberline installed a Holzher Accura series edgebander in July 2015 that has transformed the company’s production processes. “Since the day it was switched on, it has lifted the morale of the entire work force. Production is up at least 30 per cent on our previous edgebander and the quality is much better,” says Marius. “The Holzher has eliminated the cleanup work needed with our previous edgebander, so quality has increased. The time and effort needed on redo and cleanup work has all but disappeared. The edgebander has also widened the scope of our production capacity. This has meant that we are now able to offer a wider range of choice to our end users,” he says. […]

  • Text and images AWISA Magazine | Extract from AWISA Magazine 27/2016, p. 34-35, Published by the Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Limited